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The Advantages of Using Barcodes in the Manufacturing and Materials Handling Industries

Specialized equipment and supplies represent significant investments for manufacturing and materials handling businesses. These assets are also often spread across multiple locations. Barcoding offers the ability to track these assets, which can save much time and money.

Improved Time Management

The ease of using a barcode scanner makes it an appealing alternative to traditional paper-and-pencil processing. Not only do barcodes streamline processing time, but they also enable tracking individual items within a shipment. Using barcodes can save time in several materials handling situations.

Ultimately, the time saved with barcode-based tracking systems allows employees to spend their time on other activities that generate income. It also means that businesses can cut down on staff for all these functions.

Increased Revenue

In materials handling and manufacturing, revenue is heavily dependent upon the number of units produced and shipped. Refining each step in this process means increased productivity and decreased expenditures:

In addition to the time saved on internal and external tracking, barcodes provide a valuable opportunity to improve operations in ways that translate into significant savings and increased income over time.

The unique needs of the manufacturing and materials handling sectors are best met with a comprehensive barcode tracking system. Due to the sheer quantity of materials, supplies, and machinery used in these industries, barcodes offer a particularly beneficial solution. Not only do barcodes help reduce time spent on common activities like inventories and shipping, but they also improve revenue.