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The Benefits of Domestic Barcode Manufacturing

The global marketplace makes it possible not only to sell goods all over the world, but also to obtain services from anywhere. One emerging trend is outsourcing components of the production and shipping process to companies overseas, whose extremely competitive pricing makes them an appealing alternative to domestic companies.

While this approach may save money in the short run, it can also be fraught with hidden costs and inconveniences that translate into added costs or reduced profit over time. This shortcoming of outsourcing overseas is particularly evident in the barcode industry, where accuracy and reliability must be consistently flawless. Although working with a barcode specialist in the United States may require paying for international shipping, it also offers important benefits that are impossible to attain through overseas barcode outsourcing:

In the United States, barcodes enjoy the greatest range of applications, along with the most comprehensive and rigorous requirements for quality and accuracy. Thus, a domestic barcode and labeling company generally offers the latest technologies and the most thorough familiarity with industry standards. Coupled with improved accessibility, faster turn times and decreased shipping costs, this expertise ensures the most accurate and scan-able barcodes that the industry has to offer.