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How Well Do your Lebels Stick? Choosing the Right Sticky Labels

So you’ve designed custom labels with eye-catching design. You’ve established a barcode verification system. Now it’s time to put those labels to work—and they’d better stick! Many people forget that adhesive is really the most important feature of a label; without it, design and accuracy no longer matter. It’s critical to choose an adhesive that will work for where your labels have to stick.

Types of Adhesives

Every label adhesive is made from one of three basic materials: rubber, acrylic, or an acrylic blend. Each of these base materials has distinct properties that make it work for specific adhesion applications.

When choosing an adhesive material, it’s important to think about the conditions the label will be exposed to during every step of the way, including shipping, storage, and potential removal. For instance, merchants who sell retail products must consider whether the products will be stored in a warehouse without air conditioning and whether the person who purchases the product will need to remove the label to use the product. It is also critical to know what kind of material the label must adhere to, as different adhesives work best for specific materials.

Adhesive Application

How the adhesive is applied is just as important as the adhesive material itself. Most labels are pressure sensitive, meaning that they stick to the desired surface only with pressure. Three primary techniques are used to create pressure-sensitive adhesive labels.

A truly sticky label goes beyond eye-catching design, using the best adhesive materials and technique for the required application. Choosing the right material and application technique ensure that every label sticks long enough to get the job done.