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The Advantages of Working with Local Companies

In recent months, you’ve likely heard a push from numerous sources to "buy local," or to "work with your neighbor." The president himself has gone on record as recommending it as part of a solution to our current economic woes. But what exactly does working with local companies entail? Won’t I pay more? Will I get the same quality of service I’ve come to expect from a larger, national chain? What’s in it for me, the business owner?

These are all good questions, and ones we aim to answer here. While the benefits of shopping locally for something purchased as routinely as groceries, for example, are relatively straight-forward, the advantages to managing your company’s supplies through a local vendor are a little less clear-cut. It’s true; some of the rewards are the same. Buy buying both your foodstuffs and your label and print supplies from a local company, you help stimulate the local economy, and very oftentimes, you can get to know the local company better than you would if it was a long distance relationship – usually translating to better customer service.

Save Money

Unlike grocery shopping however, managing your company’s supplies through a local vendor can actually save you money. At Verified Label, Print & Promotions, we always strive to stay competitively priced on all the products we sell, In fact, if you can find a lower price anywhere, even over the internet, we’ll match it. That, coupled with the money-saving aspects of working with a local business such as reduced transportation and delivery costs, results in an overall lower cost of doing business.

Better Quality

Sometimes, people opt for working with large national suppliers because they feel the quality of the end product will be better. Nothing could be further from the truth. Local suppliers take pride in the service they provide to their neighbors, so you can be sure you will be blown away by the quality of your end-product.

The Internet

When you think about purchasing your company’s supplies over the internet, as yourself this question: Why deal with a national chain that has spent thousands of dollars to build a computer system designed to minimize the need for people? You can be sure that when you do business over the internet with people you don’t know, your experience (at the very least from a customer service standpoint) will suffer. Instead, by dealing locally, you can establish a long-term relationship built on trust, and save money in the process.

At Verified Label & Print, Inc., we treat you like an important client - even on your smallest orders - because we understand the importance of doing business locally. We have good old-fashioned customer service, with real people who answer the phone and return emails promptly. Give “going local” a shot; we’ve got 14+ years in business to prove we can make it work for you.