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Designing the Perfect Business Forms

Business forms: these everyday staples often comprise the backbone of business operations. While they are certainly not glamorous or exciting, business forms are an extension of a company’s image. Therefore the design and functionality of business forms should be just as deliberate as other marketing materials. The wide variety of features available makes it easy to create customized business forms for any industry or application.

Key Features for Business Forms

The most important consideration for business forms is that they must be usable. Thus, forms should be not only clear and easy to read, but they should also include all relevant information:

In addition to making the forms easy to use, it is also critical to think of business forms as part of the “total customer experience.” Like other company materials, these forms should support a unified appearance using the same logo and colors as marketing materials whenever possible. The diversity of products available in today’s market makes it easier than ever to unify printed materials, from letterhead to brochures to invoices.

Types of Business Forms

While every form should be clear, concise, and attractive, the purpose of the form determines which format is appropriate. Customized business forms fall into three categories:

The functionality of these forms can be further enhanced with consecutive numbering, micro-printing, or other security features. Combining forms with labels is also a popular option, because it streamlines form completion.

Business forms are a great opportunity to present a polished and unified company image and to enhance usability for both customers and employees. With careful design and thoughtful details, busin