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Top Hints for Choosing the Right Promotional Products

Promotional products offer a unique advertising opportunity. Because they are not viewed as advertising, people tend to keep and use them. Furthermore, recipients usually form a positive association between the product and the company. The key is to choose the right promotional item.

T-Shirts & Wearable Promotions

Putting a company logo on clothing is an excellent way to raise brand awareness and attract new customers. The people who wear the t-shirt not only get repeated exposure to the logo, but they also take the logo wherever they go. Giving out t-shirts is like getting free advertising. Some strategies ensure that recipients will actually love to wear their free shirts.

Office Supplies

Desk accessories are an excellent choice for business-to-business promotion. They work best for corporate clients or for customers who probably work white-collar jobs. Since these items are often used daily, office supplies represent an excellent promotional investment. When choosing office supplies and accessories for promotional purposes, utility is key.

Novelty or Specialty Items

Because it is easy to put a logo on such a wide variety of products, it is easy to tailor promotional products to a specific audience. Because these specialty items can be more expensive, careful consideration of the hobbies and interests of the target audience is critical.

If thoughtfully chosen, promotional products can prove an asset to any marketing strategy. They boost name recognition and recall, provide a useful product, and foster positive associations for the company.