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How to Design a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mailing offers a great opportunity to put a message directly into the hands of potential and returning customers. As with any marketing approach, a well-planned strategy is the most effective. After identifying a target audience, it is important to create a comprehensive mailing program, for consistent customer contact. Finally, a clear concise message, in the optimum format, will maximize the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign.

Postcards & Self Mailers

Postcards are inexpensive, both to produce and to send, so they are often an attractive choice for direct mail campaigns. Used in the correct context, postcards offer a versatile and cost-effective advertising method.

Traditional Letters

Although the cost of printing and mailing letters is higher than that of postcards, in certain situations, letters are a more effective choice. A thoughtfully written letter can be a provocative, compelling marketing tool.


Brochures generally require the most investment, because they incorporate photos and graphics, use heavier paper, and require folding or stapling of multiple pages. They are also the most comprehensive form of direct mailing.

A well-conceived direct mail campaign will yield significant benefits for every company. By identifying the target market and choosing the best format for the intended message, a company places effective advertising directly in the possession of the customer.