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Barcode Quality Verification Equipment & Services

barcode verification

If you work with barcodes, then you need an ongoing Barcode Quality Program – or you risk major penalties and fines from your retail partners.

Barcodes must be printed in a very specific manner, or they don’t work properly. But barcodes are often one of the most neglected forms of printing, because you may not understand them, and there’s no way for you to read them with your eyes.

barcodes in-house

The answer is simple, let us set up a
Quality Barcode Verification
Program for you.

Send your barcodes to us:

Verify your own barcodes in-house:

barcodes in-house

Call or email our barcode experts today. We may save you thousands of dollars in penalties and fines, plus we’ll make you look good in front of your retail partners.